PCG Terms

Terms and conditions

  1. PCG, a Pokemon Card Grading company based in New York, is responsible for grading submitted Pokemon cards, in accordance to the standard that the cards meet. Bribery in any form will not be accepted and strictly, goes against our policies and will negatively impact the submission. If an attempt to purchase a grade or alter actual grades is discovered, the cards will immediately be returned to the customer in the manner received and no refund will be issued in any form.
  2. Customers are urged to package the cards and ship them as safely as possible and it will be their responsibility to do so. Light exterior damage to a mail can be ignored, if cards are well packed within. But if an order, submitted to PCG, arrives heavily damaged, PCG will not attempt to grade the cards, neither will PCG try to salvage its contents. The package will be placed in repackaging and will be shipped back to the customer for damage assessments. PCG will not be held responsible for any thrift or loss of cards being shipped to PCG. The customer will bear responsibility and is expected to safely ship out their order with proper insurance, if any.
  3. Although cards are handled with extreme care and responsiveness, during the grading and handling process, PCG will bear no ownership or responsibility of the physical state of the cards and the customer hereby, is informed that no legal actions can be taken, against the company for any amount of estimated damaged or loss of the entire submitted package.
    We are proud to let our customers know that there have been zero recorded negative incidents in our facility involving Pokemon cards and handling them. This is another reason, we emphasize the secure shipping methods addressed on our website, including the option to purchase additional insurance to protect your cards. Because, at PCG, although no guaranties are provided, our team is trained to handle each and every card will finesse. Therefore, if the shipping methods are up to standards, it is safe to say that all card will be securely delivered, graded and returned back to their owners.
  4. PCG will not grade any card that is altered, tampers will to raise appraise or simply isn’t authentic. PCG will also not grade custom cards, self-made card or proxies or any style. If a card or a group of cards are deemed not authentic, it will be shipped back to the customer in regular packaging and no slabs or encapsulation will be performed. In this circumstance, there will be no refund or credit issued as PCG used their authentication process and resources to discover the non-authenticity of the trading card.
  5. Card encapsulated buy a customer or other grading agencies will not be graded as the encapsulation process is a locking setting and attempting to remove a card from these settings will carry a probability to damage it and PCG will take no part in such activity.
  6. We, as a company, strictly stick to our grading time frames, our goal is the always finish the process even before the turnaround time, but in any scenario, if a grading process takes longer than usual PCG will take no responsibility but will ensure that the customer is posted about the delay. The turnaround time is always calculated in business day, weekends are not included.
  7. All PCG grade are followed through will a standardized grading method which reflects the final rank. Under no circumstances, will PCG take liability of loss based on the final grade.
  8. PCG requires customers to inspect the cards as soon as possible after receiving them back to ensure everything is properly returned. Any and all printing errors or spelling mistakes, discovered within 5 days of the return, can be resubmitted and will be correct at no cost to the customer for servicing.
  9. PCG will bear no liability of cards or personal injury when trying to unseal a graded card from its capsule form. Our company highly discourages the dismembering of a encased card. If it is by all means important and necessary to reopen a case, we suggest to contact us first and we’ll arrange a shipment to one of our facilities, service it securely and safely return it to the customer at the customer’s expense. Term no. 4, still applies to all order handled by PCG before or after the encapsulation.
  10. All cards graded will be available online in the PCG database for anyone will the card’s certification number to look up the results achieved for transparency.
  11. When filling out the Return form, please pay extra attention to the accuracy of the return address as this address will be directly retrieved, as entered, without any modification. Therefore, the customer must verify that the correct address is inputted. PCG will not be held responsible for any loss of product due to mistakes in or recent changes of the return address.
  12. The terms discussed, mirror PCG and what this company stands for. At any given time, PCG holds the right to change, modify, replace and add new terms as deemed necessary. All terms and conditions must be read thoroughly to avoid any conflict of interest, before submitting cards to be graded. Therefore, all submissions are considered an automatic acknowledgement of the present terms and that the customer, in a clear mindset, accepted all the conditions, concerns and liability responsibility addressed respectively.

Now that we are done with the terms, we can get back to the submission.