Safe Shipping

You’ve completely gathered all the cards you want to ship, visited our submission page and placed your order, great! Now comes the final step to ship the cards to us safely so that they can be graded as quickly as possible!

Safety Starts With Your Pokémon Cards

No Locks

Before shipping your cards, please make sure your cards are not sealed, encapsulated or in a container which might damage the card during shipment or when grading. PCG requires all cards to be able to come to a bare stage without using any external force for the examination to take place.

Soft Card Sleeves

We recommend to first place your cards in soft card sleeves to resist any dragging, discoloration or scratches during the shipping process.

Top Loaders

After putting your cards in sleeves, repack them in a hard sleeve, also known as top loaders. Top loaders keep your cards away from any possible bending or sudden strikes before they reach the surface of the cards. This layer of protection is highly recommended when shipping cards.

Final Step

In this step, you fully finish packing your cards up for the physical submission. Placing your top loaded cards in the envelope, padded/bubble wrapped envelopes are highly recommend for safety. Along with a piece of paper indicating your order number. The order number can, simply, be written on a piece of paper and added into the package. This is an optional step but nevertheless, it will contribute to the safety and efficiency of your grading process.

Finally, attach the shipping label and drop-off your package at your nearest postal office and briefly wait for them to be graded and returned to you in sealed encapsulations.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.