Price Chart

PCG Pokemon Card Grading - PCG - Pricing - Regular
Most Economical
A budget friendly grading selection, with a turnaround time of under 31 days and a cost of only $18.99 per card. This is the most popular grading options when it comes to grading large quantities of cards at once. Has a minimum of only 3 cards.
PCG Pokemon Card Grading - PCG - Pricing - Express
Sheer Balance
Truly a balance of speed and cost, with a turnaround time of under 21 days and a cost of only $27.99 per card. One of our best selling options, when it comes to getting a bang for your buck. Has a minimum of only 3 cards.
PCG Pokemon Card Grading - PCG - Pricing Platinum
Fastest Grading
With a turnaround time of under 10 days only, and a cost of $49.99 per card, the Platinum level grading is reserved for customers who need blazing fast grades, for a fraction of the cost. Has no minimum and 10+ card orders are automatically enrolled with insurance (No extra charge).

Turnaround Time

Each grade of service includes its own length of time. This time is used to accordingly to appropriately handle, authentic, grade and encased the card(s). Please notice that all time frames are marked as “up-to” which means, that the grading process will conclude within that time. In some cases, the process is completed before the deadline but never over the given time length. When the grading process ends earlier, all cards are shipped out as quickly as possible with proper safety measures.

Service and Fees

PCG does not add any addition fees or charges to the above prices. What you see, is what you pay (excluding taxes).


The minimum number of cards required for the selected service. The Regular and Express grading, both have a three cards minimum per order requirement. No orders below the respective minimums, will be accepted.

Card Safety

We prioritize the safety of your Pokémon card over everything. After grading, encapsulation and packing, your cards are securely shipped back to you via USPS Tracking ,Certified Mail and Signature Confirmation . If you would like to remove the signature requirement, please select (no signature required) while filing up the Return Form. When Platinum grading service is selected for tens or more cards, the return order is automatically enrolled into a $5,000 certified insurance, along with the above security measures, with no extra cost to you. Rest assure, the $5,000 return insurance can also be purchased separately for other levels of service as well, such as Regular and Express.

Cost Per Card

The prices under the respective grades are the cost for a single card graded with the corresponding services. For example, if Express grading is selected to grade 10 cards, the cost of that entire order will be multiplied by $27.99 x 10 (excluding taxes)

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.