Pokemon Card Grading PCG Authentic

As PCG continues to scale, we are also focused on educating the community on counterfeits. PCG spends a great deal of time and effort to maintain that character and also to make sure that our product is not replicated by the daily counterfeiters looking to make a quick buck or alter the grade given to any specific Pokemon cards. We go far and wide to make sure that the Pokemon community is aware of the steps to make sure a graded card from PCG is a genuine piece. The points below will demonstrate, what to look for and distinguish between authentic PCG grades versus potentially alteration.


This is recommended as one of the first things to looks for when handling a PCG graded card. A quarter or 1/4 circle hologram that will shift colors over the given grade as it is viewed from various angles.


You’ve guessed it, the PCG logo in the front right of the card is also a hologram. It will be the original PCG logo surrounded by the PCG text in an angle and semi-pokeballs. The complete art will also shift colors as the slab is rotated and displayed from different angles.


The back of the slab will also be equipped with a Japanese text representing PCG as well but in blue, green and red. This logo is plain but overlapped with the world and stars around it. This will also be a hologram base which will change colors as viewed around.


In this stages, things get a little deeper, as we are using a light or holding the slab against a bright light to check for the PCG impression inside the slab and the grade label. Similar to money, when held against light, the label shall reveal the PCG text all over it. This text is not visible without a bright light pointed directly behind the slab.


Card graded by PCG will have absolutely have no fog. Our transparent insta-slabbing technology leaves every card and casing with an absolute clear finish. This make the slab look beautiful as well as makes sure that the slab have never been opened or the card/grade has been altered or misrepresentation.

Protecting you is Priority

Following these steps should protect buyers, sellers, collector and hobbyist from any unexpected loss. Building trust and a sense of reliability in our service is one of our primary goals within the Pokemon community. Our company is highly invested to make sure nothing is changed beyond our reach and fair play is maintained. If you find yourself in a position where you’ve a PCG graded card and have doubts, you’re always more than welcome to contact us directly.