Pokemon Card Grading Process - PCG

Our grading process is what makes us different.

PCG is one of the fastest growing and the most dependable Pokemon card grading company today. Each card ranked, does not just reflect a number, it reflects an authentic valuation which is widely trusted in the industry. Our technological advancements and strong evaluating standards, far out-weigh the competition.

1. Authentication and Passive Grading

In the first step of the grading process, the card being graded, is placed on a 3rd Scanner which uses an AI technology to render the authenticity and pin point imperfections, if any, by comparing it to a perfect version of that specific card.

After the authentication process is completed, the application balances all the collected data to present us with a preliminary percentile. This is the foundation of PCG grading structure, making it the most authentic and reliable grading service in the market today.

2. Expert Grading

Although technology is the root of our service, these high standards are not established by machines alone. Our company is built by experts, and we go back to our experts to be the final judge of it all.

After the card has passed the authentication and passive grading stage, it is then, handed to our group of certified Pokemon card experts. Here it is further examined and re-graded, in all aspects, to make sure it is fairly appraised and quality is assured.

3. Data Collection and Time Capsule

At last, the final stage, where the decided grades are recorded into our global PCG database system. Our directory is accessible from anywhere in the world, 24/7, for convenience and transparency reasons.

Afterwards, the card are carefully placed into a PCG certified flat Time Capsule unit and sealed. Also known as slabs, act as a shielding and resists card tampering after it has been successfully graded by PCG. Finally, the secured cards are shipped back to their owners, responsibly.