Does Pokemon Card Grading, grade any other cards?
No, PCG only grades Pokemon card to it’s full extent and only Pokemon Cards at this time

Where do I start to submit my cards?
Our submission process is the most transparent and the easiest in the game, just click here and proceed. Submission start with select the speed of grading and then the quantity of cards. After that a final simple form is to be filled out following the order and you’re set. Last thing to do, is to drop the package at the post office and wait for them to be graded.

Is PCG affiliated/parent company or part of any other PCG or Pokemon Card Grading companies?
Absolutely not, Pokemon Card Grading – PCG, is a company on it’s own. Even if there might be similar looking or named graders, PCG neither was or ever will be, affiliated with any other Pokemon Card Grading companies or parent out branches. Our company is only US based and is not grading beyond states.

Do I have to purchase insurance, if i don’t want to?
No, insurance is a optional requirement when it comes to the submission process. Addition insurance to protect your cards during return can be purchased separately during check out or via our availability additional insurance.

What if I don’t agree with a grade?
After series of data compilation and scanning, all our grades are given out based on the condition of the Pokemon card, with AI support and experts’ judgements. But if you truly still believe that your card deserves a different grade, it can be resubmitted to PCG for a reevaluation of our decision, via a regular grading submission process.

Can I submit two or more levels of order together?
Yes, you can. For example, you can submit 10 cards in Platinum Speed and 25 cards in Regular Speed, all in the same shipping order. Just be mindful to pack them separately inside the package and label them for convenience. The Platinum graded Pokemon cards will be returned back first and then you’ll receive the Regular order back, according to the respective turnaround time, unless requested otherwise.

Do I need a membership or pay a fee monthly/yearly?
Not at all, Pokemon Card Grading, treats all customers equally and understands that you want to have your cards graded and be on your way and that’s exactly what PCG delivers. No membership and no additional fees.

Will Pokemon Card Grading put a value on my Pokemon cards?
No, Pokemon Card Grading is strictly only for grading the submitted cards. No amount of market value or influence will be shared or distributed among our customers about their cards.

What if, there is a mistakes on my graded card label?
Most of our task are automated to avoid redundancy. Therefore, we have a zero tolerance for errors. But if there is ever any mistake or printing error, please contact PCG and we will resolve the error as quickly as possible with no addition cost to the customers.

How do I verify that the card that I own is an authentic PCG grade?
Our grading process involves a multi layer printing and a combination or hologram seals. We do change our labels over time, so you might want to keep an eye for the latest version on our label page, to reserve integrity.

Do I have to pay any other shipping fee for my ship back?
No, your submission cover the entire grading process and the ship back fee because we stand by, what we say, no additional charges, period.

Are you encapsulations unbreakable?
Even though our encapsulation process is one of the strongest, brute force can still be applied to dismember them. Although, such force will leave the casing to be unusable for any future casing and improper opening can damage the card cased inside. The seal casing is a proof of authenticity. If opened, the grade given to the card is by default null/void.

For any further questions, please contact us directly.